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  • English web page of the 6th Annual Meeting opens (130907).


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Important Notices

The official language of the meeting is Japanese.

Due to the capacity of the venue, the numbers of participants are limited to approximately 135 for the annual meeting, and 180 for the tutorials. It is highly recommended to register as soon as possible after the registration begins. In recent years, the registrations closed in a few days.

It is also reminded that all general participants should give poster presentations.


  • Tutorials : November 22nd (Fri), 2013.
  • Annual meeting : November 23rd (Sat), 24th (Sun), 2013.


Osaka University, Suita Campus, Icho-kaikan



Scientific Sessions(2013.11.23−24)

  • session1 分野を超える
    • chair: Yoshiyuki Arai(Osaka Univ)
    • Shuhei Furukawa(Kyoto Univ)
    • Yosuke Tamada(NIBB)
    • Yasushi Okada(RIKEN QbiC)
  • session2 動態と制御の定量生物学
    • chair: Junnosuke Teramae(Osaka Univ), Kazuhiro Aoki(Kyoto Univ)
    • Taichiro Tomida(Tokyo Univ)
    • Koichi Fujimoto(Osaka Univ)
    • Ryota Uehara(Univ. Tokyo), Yuki Tsukada(Nagoya Univ)
  • session4 階層を超える
    • chair: Naoki Irie(Univ. Tokyo), Miki Ebisuya(RIKEN CDB)
    • Akira R. Kinjo(Osaka Univ)
    • Dongbo Shi(NIBB, Kyoto Univ)
    • Takeshi Imai(RIKEN CDB)
    • Atsushi J. Nagano(Kyoto Univ)

Poster session(2013.11.23−24)

  • Session1 (11/23 13:30-15:30)
  • Session2 (11/23 18:00-20:00; 懇親会を兼ねる)
  • Session3 (11/24 11:30-14:00; 昼食時間を兼ねる)


  • Poster guidance
    • ポスターのセクション分けなどの説明
  • Banquet
    • 会場はポスターセッション会場と併設になります。


E-mail: q.bio2013 at gmail.com ( please replace `at' with `@' )