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NIG International Symposium 2016

This event is sponsored by National Institute of Genetics (NIG) and held as the NIG International Symposium 2016.

Tokyo Symposium at Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo

Force, Information and Dynamics: X factors shaping living systems

Exploring frontiers of quantitative biology by identifying X-factors that shape living systems

Quantitative biology is a growing discipline goes beyond the quantification of biological phenomena and attempts to unveil fundamental and general principles governing living systems.

After decades of emphasis on the study of GENES to reveal such principles, recent advances in quantitative biology have shed light on other key factors in biology, designated as X-FACTORS. X-factors include FORCE and SYMMETRY, which control the shape, size, and movement of cells and tissues, and INFORMATION, which characterizes processing and transduction of intra- and inter-cellular signaling. Enumerating such X-factors represents a milestone in quantitative biology.

In the Tokyo Symposium, we shall focus on X-factors in biology. This symposium was designed to share and discuss our vision for the frontiers of quantitative biology with cutting-edge researchers from around the world. We expect active discussions on state-of-the-art techniques to measure and manipulate X-factors and on the integration of different X-factors, leading towards a deeper understanding of the nature of living systems.

Date: Jan 9th - 11th, 2016.

Jan. 9th 13:00 to Jan. 11th 12:00

Venue for the Symposium at Tokyo

Convention hall, An Block, Institute of Industrial Science,
Komaba Ⅱ Research Campus, the University of Tokyo.
Access to Komaba Ⅱ Research Campus
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Poster Size & Schedule

The size of poster board is w 1130[mm] × h 1630[mm].
Standard A0 (841[mm]×1189[mm]) or B0 (1030[mm]×1456[mm]) size poster is recommended.
You can put your poster from 12:00 of Jan 9th. Please remove your poster at the end of the mixer and poster session on Jan 10th.

If you bring the same poster to the Mishima Symposium, A0 size should be fine.
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Speakers and Abstracts

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Presentation (35 min)+Discussion (8 min)+PC exchange (2 min)
Note: Presentation time is different in Mishima symposium.

Scientific Program

Jan. 9th

Opening Remarks by Isao Karsura (NIG)

Date and Time: Jan. 9th 13:00-13:20

Session: Quantity - FORCE -

Date and Time: Jan. 9th 13:20-15:35
Chair: Kaoru Sugimura and Yuta Shimamoto

   Otger Campàs ( University of California, Santa Barbara, USA )

"Quantifying tissue mechanics in vivo and in situ"

Kaoru Sugimura ( Kyoto Univ., Japan )

"Dissecting the mechanical control of Drosophila wing shape determination"

Emmanuel Farge ( Institut Curie, France )

"From mesoderm mechanotransductive evolutionary origins to tumourigenic mechanical induction"

Poster Session I

Date and Time: Jan. 9th 15:40-18:30 including 5-min instructions for poster presentations

Jan. 10th

Session: Quantity - SYMMETRY I -

Date and Time: Jan. 10th 9:00-12:00
Co-Chair: Noriko Hiroi and Yusuke Maeda

   Noriko Hiroi ( Keio University, Japan )

"Anisotropy shaped by and for the Dynamic Distribution of Heat"

Nicolas D Plachta ( IMCB, Singapore )

"Seeing how mammalian life starts: Quantitative imaging in live mouse embryos"

Yusuke Maeda ( Kyushu University, Japan )

"A physicist's approach to the origin of life: Non-equilibrium entropic force"

Zoher Gueroui ( École Normale Supérieure, France )

"Studying cytoskeleton symmetry breakings using cellular reconstitution of cytoplasmic extracts and biophysical tools"

Poster Session II

Date and Time: Jan. 10th 12:30-13:30

Session: Quantity - SYMMETRY II -

Date and Time: Jan. 10th 13:30-15:45
Akatsuki Kimura and Yutaka Matsubayashi

   Cliff Brangwynne ( Princeton University, USA )

"Measuring the Intracellular Dew Point: The Physics and Biology of Membrane-less Organelles"

   Akatsuki Kimura ( National Insititute of Genetics, Japan )

"How a cell-wide cytoplasmic flow with unstable direction emerges reproducibly?"

   Brian Stramer ( King's College London, UK )

"Intercellular forces orchestrate contact inhibition of locomotion"

Coffee Break Date and Time: Jan. 10th 15:45-16:00

Session: Quantity - INFORMATION -

Date and Time: Jan. 10th 16:00-19:00
Chair: Yuki Tsukada and Jun-nosuke Teramae

   Satoshi Sawai ( the University of Tokyo, Japan )

"Revisiting cell migration mechanisms of crawling cells"

   David Umulis ( Purdue University, USA )

"Quantification and modeling of BMP signaling during zebrafish embryo development "

Yuki Tsukada ( Nagoya University, Japan )

"Quantification and reconstruction of thermosensory neuronal processing in C. elegans"

Damon Clark ( Yale University, USA )

"Dissecting neural circuits for motion estimation in Drosophila"

Mixer at the poster presentation room

Date and Time: Jan. 10th 19:00-20:30

Jan. 11th

Session: Quantities and Beyond

Date and Time: Jan. 11th 9:00-11:15
Chair: Naoki Irie and Tetsuya Kobayashi

   Naoki Irie( the University of Tokyo, Japan )

"Double bladed aspect of gene recruitment to morphological evolution."

Yuichi Wakamoto ( the University of Tokyo, Japan )

"Fitness and gene expression from the viewpoint of single-cell histories"

Tetsuya J Kobayashi( the University of Tokyo, Japan )

"Integrating Fitness and Information in Biological Adaptation"

Open Discussion

Date and Time: Jan. 11th 11:15-12:00


Tokyo Symposium: Force, Information and Dynamics: X factors shaping living systems
NIG International Symposium 2016 satellite workshop
Toyota Physical & Chemical Research Institute Workshop
Mishima Symposium: Quantitative Biology - force, information and dynamics


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Organizers: Akatsuki Kimura (NIG), Akira Funahashi (Keio Univ.), Noriko F. Hiroi (Keio Univ.), Tetsuya J. Kobayashi (Univ. Tokyo)

Program committee: Kaoru Sugimura (Kyoto Univ.), Yuki Tsukada (Nagoya Univ.), Naoki Irie (Univ. Tokyo), Junnosuke Teramae (Osaka Univ), Yusuke Maeda (Kyushu Univ.)